Monday, 21 April 2014

This Week Has Been All About......


Dandelions.....we have thousands in our garden, which is being sadly neglected at the moment. Today I decided to remove a few, Little Bea helped....she picked me a few!


It's been all about decorating (Mr Bea!) and titivating (Me!), my quest for a colourful, happy home is a little closer!
It's been about which vintage sheets to choose, (Little Bea)....
And letting go of once favourite toys......this however is going in the loft!
It's been about sorting and furniture too....
Old school cupboards.......
New School lockers too.....


About loving things, that you didn't think you would.....
About getting creative with a little vintage wallpaper.....
About loving a bit of colour......


About creative spaces.....letting an almost 10 year old do her thing....


About realising there's waaaaay too many cuddly toys in the house!
It's not been about having time to visit your lovely blogs I'm afraid, but I do so hope you've all had a.....
You've eaten loads of eggs, been with those you love, and had chance to get creative!
Bye for now, Lovely People.....
Ada :) xxx
Oh and I'm STILL waiting for my anniversary present! Maybe this week?
;) xxx




Tuesday, 15 April 2014

In My Head, I Had A Plan...


I bet you've done this haven't you? You get an idea in your head, the way you want things to be......but things don't always work out quite as you envisaged!




In my head I thought our trip to London would have been an exciting addition to our previous experience, a few more museums to visit, a boat trip perhaps.




This time however, well lets just say it's not quite what I had planned in my head. Being parents is a balancing act, being parents of Extra Special kids is like walking on a tightrope.


Sensory overload, stress and melt downs. When you care for a Rainbow child (ASD) you have to weigh up everyday experiences with great care. The absolute need to Keep Things Exactly The Same, verses the responsibility to give you children new experiences, prepare them for adulthood.
How many time as parents do we say, 'it will be a new experience for them, push them out of their comfort will do them good'. As I said, tightrope walking!


There were some good moments though....


Greenwich being one, what a beautiful spaces, much more relaxed, much better.
And what amazing views over a truly amazing city. I love this city very much, my next trip however, will be an adult only affair!
We've been very busy since we returned, rooms are being decorated, and another anniversary....27 years married!
We celebrated with a very rare 'child free' night, bottle of champagne and The Good Life DVDs, we know how to live!
I'm waiting for my anniversary present to be delivered as I write this, I'm ever so excited! I do hope it arrives.
I hope to pop over and visit you all this week,
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx
Suitcase full of vintage sheets.....found when clearing out the conservatory, I'd completely forgotten about them.....sign of an addict? :) xxx


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Toodle Pip....Off On An Adventure!


Hello Lovelies,
Thank you all so much for joining in with the discussion on my last post, it was lovely to hear your stories and find out more about you....and I managed to visit a few new blogs too. There are still some of you I've not popped over to yet, but I will soon.
I love reading your comments, I really do, but I don't expect any of you to comment, we all lead busy lives so never, ever feel under any pressure to do so.
Likewise, I too can't always comment on your blog, for a start blogger doesn't always let me, or it might just be a flying visit! So please don't be offended if I don't always comment. It's not that I don't care.
Little Bea has asked me to decorate her bedroom for her up and coming birthday. I'm ever so excited because she wants vintage sheets AND wallpaper, I'm really giddy! Watch this space.
Well, I shall say goodbye for a on a little adventure to London next week, so I will catch up with you all on our return, let you know what we've been up too!
Toodle Pip,
Ada :) xxx


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Who Are You??????




My goodness, two posts in two days, unheard of! Well actually I wanted to write this last night, but I was too tired....that would have been two posts in one day, yep I can do maths! (It's just year 5 maths I find difficult!).







Now before you read this post, please could you get in your mind the song, Who Are You? by The Who, in your head. You know the one, it's the theme tune to CSI......yes that's the one!








Last night I decided to do a little housekeeping on my iPad, no I don't mean I actually DID housekeep whilst standing on, I decided to delete some emails, thousands and thousands of emails. Yes I know, it's an awful state of affairs, leaving things to get so should see my cupboards!










Well as I started to delete the emails, I realised just how many of you had written to me, how many of you had left your thoughts and comments.









Some of you have been here right from the beginning. Some people have now ceased to blog. Some left a few comments then no more, perhaps I never popped over to yours to say Hi, and you thought I was being rude. If that's the case I do apologise......(if you want me to pop in just let me know again and I will drop by).









Perhaps some of you got bored with VSA, that's ok after all I'm not for everyone. Perhaps I'm just not your cup of tea! Actually if that's the case you won't be reading this anyway!







It's a strange old thing this blogging malarkey isn't it?


Who are you I wonder? Who are you, you there reading this. Who are you, what's occurring in your life? What joys do you have? What challenges do you face each day? I wish I could know all of you.









And to those who have been here since the beginning, those of you who pop by each time, who let me know you're there, thank you. Thank you so much.










When I first started this blog, I wasn't aware Blogger kept stats on how many people visited. When I finally realised this, and took a peek, I was so frightened I almost stopped blogging. Now it's not so scary, but it still feels a little strange.









Many thousands of you pop by each week, either that or one person visits.....lots! I still however feel this is a small community, and I still think that I'm really only talking to the few of you like friends talking over the garden fence.







So my Lovelies, who are you, I wonder.









Me.....well I'm Ada Bea, well on here I am! I'm a woman, no really I am!

A woman who loves her Vintage Sheets, a little bit of Vintage Wallpaper, someone who loves getting creative. I get giddy over colour. I love my cupboards. I'm learning to sew and crochet.....I've been inspired by so many of you wonderful people.







I'm living with MS, my family is touched by Autism, and I understand the heartache of losing someone to Alzheimer's. it's not all heart and flowers on here. Some of it is tough, but it's real.









It's real and I can't quite believe I put it out there, for all to see. But I do, and if it helps anyone, well it's worth it.








So what about you?


Who are you?


And why do you blog?





Bye for now.....
Ada :) xxx






Monday, 31 March 2014

Lovely Times.....And Memories Made.


Hello Everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, it's bee an extra special one here in Ada Beas world. The sun has shone, and I've spent some lovely time with my family, celebrating Mother's Day.
As parents, you always hope you help to make lovely childhood memories for your children....this weekend has been all about memory making.
On Saturday I went back to Southwell to make a little purchase, well actually it was a large purchase, but more of when it's delivered! Little Bea accompanied me, it's great to spend time with my girls individually. A memory made.
(Image from And A Fly Went By.....)
I took her to one of my favourite shops, And A Fly Went By.... It's a bit like Heaven to Little Bea, and with pocket money in one hand, and jelly beans in the other (children are always treated to sweets whilst making important purchasing decisions!) she too made a little purchase, but hers really was little!

We then popped to to a cafe for a drink, and Little Beas eyes almost popped out her head, when I agreed she could have a rather delicious piece of chocolate cake......FOR HER LUNCH, yes you heard right, for her lunch....healthy eating thrown out of the cafe window! Yep, that's one she will remember alright!

On wednesday due to the teachers' strike, I also spent time with Eldest Bea too, whilst her little sister was at school, we had a lovely lunch.....all very grown up! A memory made. (We shall forget about the disagreement we had in the shoe shop!) ;)

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day, and I was very lucky! The girls were very excited to give me their presents.....Eldest Bea had bought them using her pocket money! A memory made.
And Little Bea had made me a present, she was almost beside herself waiting for me to open it....
She had made me a lovely rabbit picture, these words were written on the back. A memory made. For her and me.
And then I went to see my lovely, lovely mum. My Sister and I gave her some chocolate, brushed her hair, popped a little makeup on her....a splash of her favourite perfume. We shared our memories about our childhood and what a great mum she Is.
And I tried very, very hard to hold on to those memories. Hoping that one day my mind doesn't let go of them, that they are always, always in there, and that they never, ever escape.
It was then time for a little trip out to Kedleston Hall, in Derbyshire. A beautiful house run by the NT.
Very opulent!

Our first picnic of the year, very relaxed and happy. A memory made.
I hope you too are busy making memories, happy ones of course! I'm feeling really tired today, I'm considering popping my feet up, and watching The Good Life! Now that does bring back Happy Memories! (I also considered opening the wine but that might be one memory too far!)
Bye for now,
Ada :) xxx