Monday, 23 November 2015


...from the puppy haze. Grabbing a few moments here and there, we've had two full nights sleep, after three weeks of night time barking, it's like winning the lottery!
Hopefully normal blogging will resume, but I will need a bit more sleep first.
Hope all is well and good in your part of the world.
Amanda :) xxx
Minnie on the other hand, is exactly the same, it's as if nothing has changed in her world. She seems unaware of the chaos, one small puppy has created! ;) xxx


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Puppy Haze...

He's bounded into our lives, ears flapping in the breeze, like a little whirlwind.
He's the most adorable, loveable little dog.
He's noisy, he gets into EVERYTHING, never far from our feet.
He's soft and cuddly, warm and snugly.
He's a pooping and peeing machine.
He's only just learning that night-time is sleep time, and not barking time.
He's fascinated by our cat, it's not recipicated.
He's learnt to sit, especially when there are treats involved.
He's turned our lives upside down, and inside out.
He's Otto.
I think we can safely say, we are now a dog owning family. Whilst sat around the table this evening eating dinner, Otto decided to poop under it. And you know something, we were not totally grossed out by this fact! Yep, family with a dog...can handle anything.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your lovely comments on my last post, I've only just posted them, and I'm sorry I've not had time to answer them. It's been very busy, but no more busy than I thought. It's a bit like being landed with a full on toddler, who doesn't know us, so won't sleep at night, who's also being potty trained, and who's into everything! You'll notice most of the photos are of Otto sleeping, that's because he's too fast otherwise to get a good picture!
I hope I'm back soon!
Amanda :) xxx
Minnie spends most of her time avoids the noisy youngster...very clever kitty! ;)



Monday, 26 October 2015

Just To Let You Know...

...that blog posts might be a little inconsistent at the moment. Our new puppy, Otto, will be joining us at the end of the week. It feels a bit like I'm getting ready to give birth again.
I'm anticipating joy, laughter, exhaustion, and not having a moment to myself, at least for the first couple of months. I know eventually he will settle down, get used to our rules, and that at some point, puddles will only happen outside, and I won't have to be constantly watching out for those little teeth chewing at my furniture.
Until that point I will blog as much as I can, they may be photo rich and word poor. I'm sure Otto will feature quite heavily. So please, bare with me, we've got quite an adventure ahead of us! I grew up with dogs, so know how much love and companionship they can give. Funnily enough, I don't ever remember the hard work that was involved. I'm under no illusion, as much as he will be a family dog...most of the responsibility will fall on me!
Any advice on binging up a puppy would be gratefully received, tips to make things easier for him, for us. Thank you so much!
Amanda :) xxx


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Creating Calm...

Hello there, I'm sorry I've not popped back earlier. I'm busy at the moment, calming things down in our bedroom, and before anyone gets the wrong idea...I mean the decor!
Like a lot of people, sleep doesn't always come easily to me, despite being exhausted most of the time. I've tried lots of things, but never medication, and if I can help it, I want to avoid this. From a psychological perspective, I believe a calm environment, enables a calmer mind, so that has been my starting point. I've removed as much pattern and colour as I can bare, and you know how I feel about colour!
Last week it was painting the dark, gloomy chest of drawers, a calming grey, so we could start using it and remove the dressing table...and all the clutter! I sorted out all ten drawers we had in our room! Ten drawers, three suitcases and two large wardrobes...not to mention the ten mini drawers we have in our bedside filing cabinets. We now have seven drawers and one suitcase, much better.
Those bedside cabinets, are actually little IKEA filing cabinets, and have been by our bed for at least sixteen years, I love them, even though office equipment isn't something you would normally associate with bedrooms. They are staying. Brilliant for storing magazines, and knickers!
This week I've concentrated on painting out the vintage wallpaper on the chimney breast wall. I know, I know...sacrilege! I do love the paper, but it's in the wrong place. So it's gone. It feels better. Calmer. I've got the large beautiful, vintage mirror from my dressing table to go up there, eventually.
The good thing about being in the bloggy world is you come across the most talented people, with the loveliest of fabrics. The top picture shows a bag I have purchased from Ellie, you can find her here. I've also ordered a few more lovely cushions from my Bloggy friends, I will show you when they arrive. I love supporting the talented crafty community we have here.
So that's what's been keeping me busy this week, next I'm hoping to paint the wall behind our bed the same grey as the chest of drawers, Farrow and Ball Pavilion Grey. Oh, and clear the junk from under the there's a post all on its own! Oh, and sort out my wardrobe, store away my summer clothes and get out the jumpers.
And you know something, the last two nights I've slept!
Have a great weekend everyone, almost Friday!
Amanda :) xxx



Friday, 16 October 2015

This Week...

I've took possession of a rather fab machinists chair, the rest of the family think I'm mad, but I like it. I can spend a lot of time now twirling around in my studio. It makes a little noise sometimes, sounds a bit like I've got flatulence. But it's the chair, honest ;) I will of course spruce it up a bit...crochet cover, or a bit of vintage floral? Not sure yet.
I've painted a chair, to match the drawers, I always forget just how much a pain these are to paint! Finished the drawers in Farrow and Ball, Pavillion Grey. I'm going for calm, light colours. The colours of the sea. Greys, whites and turquoise, with just a splash of vintage floral barkcloth. Maybe an old oil painting of the sea, if I can fine the right one. Next year I'd love to paint the floorboards too. I've cleared and declutted, still more to do, but I'm getting there. Lots of clothes have gone to the charity shop, it feels good. I'm hoping a calm, clear bedroom will help me sleep better.
I've been lighting candles, and I've put some fairy lights in the fire. I still hanker after a log burner. It's getting darker earlier now, dark too in the mornings. The temperature has dropped this week, so out have come my socks and boots. I'm trying to make our evenings cosy.
I've had a lovely day, crafting in the studio with my great crafting friend Penny. We put the world to rights, as I crocheted and she sewed. It really is a lovely space to spend my time, I can easily loose hours in there.
I've treated myself to a book, The Shopkeepers Home by Caroline Rowland. Caroline runs the blog 91 Magazine. It's a book is full of inspiration. I do love a bit of inspiration...
What have you done this week?
Have a lovely weekend!
Amanda :) xxx



Monday, 12 October 2015

And Over On Instagram...

I'm on Instagram...a lot, too much?! Here's what I posted over the weekend. I know a lot of you aren't into IG, and that's fine. For me, it's quick and easy, and fun. It's not a blog though, nothing like a blog.
If you want to see what I get up too, when I'm not on here, I'm adabea1 on IG, or there's a link on my side bar, although it's not a fancy one as I'm not that clever!
Today, I've mainly been spending what energy I have, painting some very large chest of drawers that I bought two years ago. They look lovely, and so finally our bedroom revamp commences. I'm now sat with my feet up supping a small glass of lovely red wine, for medicinal purposes, of course.
I will be back later in the week, hopefully show off my big drawers!!! But until then, I'm on IG if you fancy a peek...adabea1 And if you find me, let me know!
Amanda :) xxx
Minnie features on IG too :) xxx



Thursday, 8 October 2015

Studio Update...

Years dreaming, and months getting it all together, finally my studio is starting to come together...just as I imagined it would.
On Friday, we nipped out to IKEA to pick up my new sewing table. I've been searching over the last few months, trying to find the right vintage table, but sadly I've not found one. They were either too big, too small, too expensive, or just not quite right. I'd tried to use my little blue one, but it felt awkward, I'm a messy sewer, needing lots of space. This size is perfect.
I've been looking for a vintage machinist chair too, but they are so expensive. The right one popped up on eBay yesterday, it's not the prettiest of chairs, but at a fraction of the cost, it can be a fixer upper. Bit of paint and vintage fabric and it will look family, as usual, will think I'm bonkers when it arrives. I love the look on their faces when they see some of the things I drag home...
I'm just waiting for the top to be secured to the legs, then I can get out my sewing machine. The first thing I plan to make is a sewing machine cover, and I need a new cushion cover too. I'm really looking forward to reacquainting in myself with sewing again, and hopefully improving my skills too. They really need it!
These aren't the best photos, it's actually very light in my studio, but my photos always come out dark, I'm not sure why. I'm going to need an iron and ironing board too, does anyone have any tips? It's not the biggest of spaces, so a small portable ironing table is what's needed.
I'm still pinching very own space, wonderful. I feel very fortunate.
Thank you all so much for reading my blog, and for all your lovely comments. I'm still enjoying my little corner of cyber space, but I'm feeling I need to make some changes, but I'm not sure what. It's a bit like when you've had a room the same way for years, same colour, furniture in the same place. It works very well, but you get the urge to get out the paintbrush, and move the sofa. I'm not sure how relevant Vintage Sheet Addict is to me anymore, although, looking at these images, vintage sheets are everywhere!
So, I'm not quite sure where I'm going, I'm not really sure if I need to go anywhere...but I do fancy a change. The next thing I will change however, will be that sewing chair, get it looking tip top!
Have a great weekend,
Amanda :) xxx
Someone approves! ;) xxx